Copy Actions across Task Forms in an Approval Form

Hi there, appreciate your help.

Know that there is no way to copy Actions from a Task Form to another (Please correct me if I am wrong). Any alternative solution to avoid updating the Actions across Task Form manually and repeatedly? Because the Actions in each Task Form are same actually, it doesn’t feel right that we have to do the duplicate work repeatedly for an update.

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Many thanks.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We are considering adding a copy and paste function for Actions in Yeeflow.

However, we have a question: Are the Actions in different Task forms the same, but with different logic/layout on the Form? If this is the case, a temporary solution would be to put all the form content in a Container, and then duplicate the form page with the updated action and then copy the entire Container to update the form content.

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Hi Frank, thanks for your advice. That’s a clever idea, and really suitable for some Task Forms with exact same Actions. On the other hand, in a lot of cases, the Task Forms usually contain some other Actions for itself only also, then copy and paste function will be a proper solution indeed.