Can import Form Data like DataList?

Hi all, as stated above, do Yeeflow support to import a Form record?

For example, I created two Form: A & B, both of them having a same layout Form. Can I export the A form record and import them into Form B?

Thank you.

I think you can save the records after form A is submitted in the data list, and then form B gets the data by calling the same data list. Hope this will be helpful.

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Here’s another hint for you.

In Actions, there’s a step can Start another workflow by using data from current form.



  1. Select workflow B in “Select Workflow”
  2. Define how to pass variables from current form to workflow B in “Select Workflow Field”

And then you can bind the action to a button on form. This can be used to create a new workflow instance of B by using current form data of A.

Hi Frank,
By the way, Can I return to A to continue the task after process B is completed?
In other words, can I let A continue executing only after B has finished executing?


Sorry this cannot be done. An idea is split your workflow to multiple. e.g. A → B → C.

And to make the flow more automatically, you can use workflow A → insert data into list to trigger a list workflow.