Action Panel - how to manage Assignee list?


On the right-hand side of the “Action Panel” component, there are two buttons, click to open an assignee list.

After I click the user button on “Assignee”, it show all YeeFlow user under the organization.
May I know how to manage the list?

Hi @Sam, The adding assignee, or forwarding task function will allow users to select any users within your organization. There are no custom option to short the list for now.


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Thank you for the prompt response. @Renger

Just one more thing, is there any way to add an assignee to the same task without using Action Panel?

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Hi @Sam, users cannot add assignee for the same workflow task. You may add a user picker control on the task form to allow the task owner to select other users on the task form. Then, add a following assignment task step in your workflow to assign this task to selected users. However, the task owner of the previous task form must complete their task before moving on to this one. If this sounds like a viable option for you, please let me know!

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