Wish List for next version

It would be great if the following features can be appeared in the coming version:

  1. customized sender email address for sending task notifications: it will be easier for the users (especially the external users) to recognize the message. Would be great if we can customized sender on different task

  2. update content list directly from the task from: useful when user want to update the list instantly without closing the from

  3. Testing environment: allow to test the workflow before officially launch it. Now we must publish the form in order to test the workflow, it will affect the tracking number, and versioning due to the fine tunings.

  4. if there is a bug on the active workflow, it may cause the task never complete as the fix only apply to the new task from, but not the submitted task form

  5. make the print page as an attachment

  6. the print page designer is not user-friendly


Yes, those are what we are looking for. Hope can have those in the coming version. Especially the 3rd item. Thanks.

@Stanley_Ma Thanks for your feedback. We will evaluate each of them and post updates here.

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