Can approval form get the value from data list?


I have issue about approval form with data list
In my case i want to build a approval form for annual leave
I create a data list “Employee Detail” with column “Annual Leave” number
then i build the form field input the Annual Leave day(s) request.
so how can i get the “Annual Leave” value from the data list
and check the day(s) is valid before submit the form

The other issue about “Set Content List” in workflow
Is it possible handle the “Set Content List” update fail (not match the condition) then “sequence flow” back to reject the form?

Thank you.

Dear Tim, you can use listLookup function in expression editor to retrieve value from a data list. The expression can be used in custom validation, calculated control, or actions.
I am afraid that there’s no updated count returned from “Set Content List” activity currently. Suggest to have a validation on form submission for now.