Question about the list lookup function

I am constructing function that list up the matched rows from a data list to a form.

First, I directly used the listlookup to figure it.
The filter is set as below.

However, whatever filter I set, the result always showing ‘ERR’.(Even set as always true)

Maybe listlookup is not suitable for this feature.
Then I tried the ‘News’ Block to list up the same thing.
It will show something if I do not set the filter,
but nothing as long as I set anything in the filter.

Could anyone tell me how to use these features?

  1. Is it the same type in your form and your data list?
  2. Do you set ‘OS’ as the index in your data list?
  3. The field of ‘OS’ is single/multiple data?

After I set fields as index, it works.
Thank you very much.

Good to hear that! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: