Yeeflow support nested sublist?

Hi all, I am trying to create a nested sublist, but seems YeeFlow not support create anther sublist under a sublist.

Currently, I have already a Card View SubList (User sublist).
I would like to let user create another SubList(working experience) relate to User sublist. because I want the data list have relation like the following image:

Or at least this two sublist data a able to relate with other after saving into two different datalist(only saving the item id or a real relation).

Is there any work around?

Thank you all.

You can create a new “User” content list and “working experience”, “working experience” use the “Lookup” field as a foreign key to achieve the goal.
Then use the “Data Tab” as the display sub-table data. Use the “Data Table” filter condition to filter the Lookup field itself as the condition. This function can be completed.

Hi Jason, thank you for your reply.

I understand that there is a look-up function on DataList. But is that possible to create a nested sublist on approve form level?

Hi @steve_lee ,
If you are in the application interface, you can create a new variable, give it a guid at the page loading point, and then use the guid as the index and query condition in the sub list. If you already have a process number in the approval interface, you can use the process number as the index and query condition. You can implement it according to your business. Note that the guid variable cannot be changed after it is initialized and submitted.
The following figure is my diagram. Please debug it yourself.