Date Sorting in Bar Charts


Thanks for adding Form Report as data sources and the sort features - they’ve been super helpful.

I do have a small issue with the bar charts when using the new sort feature. When I sort based on date, it groups things by Year, Quarter, Month, and Day. Here’s what I’ve been running into:

  • When I pick ‘Day’, it sorts the date based on the day number, but it doesn’t take the month into account. It would be a lot more useful for me if I could see a straight sequence of dates, instead of mixed-up days from different months.

  • If I go with ‘Month’ and my data spans a few years, the graph adds up the values for the same month number, without considering the year. I’m trying to show a progression like ‘Year-Month’, not a sum of the same month from several different years.

  • In addition, having a Week option could be useful in some scenarios.

Any help you can give me on this would be great.



Hi Mauro,

It’s glad to hear that the new feature helps. Regarding the issue you mentioned, my suggestion is creating a calculation column to convert date to ‘YEAR-MONTH’ format to avoid cross year issue. We also need to consider the need to only look at the month during statistics without considering the year it belongs to.

“Week” option has not been added is due to there’re different rules to generate week number. E.g. first day is Sunday or Monday. First week with a Sunday in this year or 4 days in this year or a Monday in this year.


Okay, but creating a calculated column doesn’t address the issue because the calculated column isn’t recognized as a sortable column. Furthermore, the calculation is only executed when the row is updated, which can result in an incorrect order.

Regarding the week function, perhaps we can adopt the Excel approach by using parameters to select the desired calculation mode for the week.

Yes, you are correct. We are working on expending the format of date by adding ‘YYYY-MM’/‘YYYY-Q’/‘YYYY-MM-DD’. And also enabling the calculated column in dimensions.

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Great! Thanks Frank.