[Dashboard] Query about filtering on collection component


I’m trying to use date filter component with collection component under Dashboard.

As there is not much articles describe from the public, I try concept to link the filter object variable into the collection data filter.

While trying to link-up the filter with collection, found the date filter only given 1 filter variable which the value is something kind of array string.

Would like to know if the approach above correct or any proper way to achieve it.

thank you very much.

You can find some reference regarding filter controls from here: https://support.yeeflow.com/en/?q=filter

After you configured filter controls on from, you can use the filter variable in data query conditions of the Collection control. And you can find the reference of Collection from here:

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply.
I tried to follow reference you provided above.
but no luck, i still unable to pack the date filter into the collection filter.

What i tried steps were below:

  1. to drag a simple date filter and a collection into the dashboard page
  2. setup data source into the collection
  3. to set action “e.g. setVarAction” on value change to the date filter
  4. inside the “setVarAction”, i try to set date filter value into temp variable which later use for collection data filter comparing with the data list create time.

And what i hit the issue is at step 4
I found there is only 1 filter variable for the date filter while trying access it in expression editor.

Would you share more info about how to achieve it?
thank you very much.

Hi Khh, you don’t need a setVarAction in your case. You can use filter variable in your data filter directly.