What is the difference between TEMP variables and FILTER variables in dashboards?


In dashboards, you can create temporary and filter variables. I have used temporary variables to assign a variable during page load and see, for example, results associated with the current month. However, I don’t know how to use filter variables and how they are utilized in dashboards. If anyone knows, I would kindly ask them to explain it to me. Thank you very much.



Hi Mauricio,

Filter variable can be used in filter settings of a content list connection. e.g. for Data table or Gallery. It supposes to be a set of filter conditions to be used stand-alone or combined with existing conditions.

In product roadmap, new filter controls will be added to Dashboard, which will be associated with the filter variable. And then, these filter conditions can be applied to different parts on the dashboard. However, at present, this operation can only be achieved through custom code.

Thanks Frank. Ok, I will continue using temp variables.