Query external data with Yeeflow action?

Is it possible to query an extern database with an action in a workflow to fill a list for example ?

Hi @Suet_Hung, good question! Yes for sure, you can define an action, then add the “Http Request” in the steps of the action, and call the webservice which can query the external database. the action can be used when form loading, submitting, or bind to a button event etc. You can refer this article to learn more about how to configure the Http Request: Using HTTP Request to return on Form – Yeeflow Help Center

Hi, thanks for this answer. So if i have a workflow that requires to query an extern database with millions of records (a client database for example) to extract one client, is Yeeflow able to handle so much data ?

In another words my question is : can Yeeflow work without problem with millions of records ?

Hi @Suet_Hung, The answer is yes. Yeeflow can handle data with millions records with no problem.

Great. Thanks for your answer