Update user email address

Dear All,

We need to import 4000 users into Yeeflow platform before our project launch production. However, we want to set the email field in all user accounts to a fake email address to prevent accidentally sending email notifications to users during testing. After completing the test, we want to update the email address of all users to real email address.

May I know there is any way to update email address field?

Thanks a lot

Best regards,

Hi Andy, You can achieve the requirement as follows:

  1. Export the current user list to Excel, selecting the “Login account” and “Email” fields.

  2. Backup the exported file.

  3. Modify the emails to fake emails in the file and import them into the system using the “Import user” function.

  4. After completing the testing, you can import the backed-up file to modify the user emails to their actual email addresses.