Important Update: Changes to Application-Level Permissions in Yeeflow

Dear Yeeflow Users,

We are committed to continually improving our platform to better meet your needs and enhance security. In response to valuable feedback from many of our customers, we are making significant changes to application-level permissions that will affect how System Administrators and Workspace Administrators manage applications within Yeeflow.

What is Changing? Currently, System Administrators, Workspace Administrators, and Application Administrators all have full control over applications. With the upcoming release, scheduled for April 25th, this will change to ensure higher security and more controlled access:

  • Only Application Administrators will have full control over applications. They will be the only ones who can manage the settings, users, and permissions of an application.
  • System Administrators and Workspace Administrators will see a change in their access rights. Unless assigned as Application Administrators, they will no longer be able to manage applications. Additionally, if they are not added as users within an application, they will be unable to access it.

Why Are We Making These Changes? This update comes in response to feedback concerning the overpowering access levels of System Administrators over application management. Our users have indicated the need for higher security measures, particularly for sensitive applications where even System Administrators should not have default access.

Impact on Access After this update, while System Administrators and Workspace Administrators will still be able to see the list of applications, accessing any specific application without the proper permissions will lead to an “Access Denied” message. This ensures that only designated Application Administrators and approved users can access and manage these applications.

Preparing for the Change To prepare for this change and avoid any disruption:

  • Review your current application settings by April 24th. Ensure that each application has designated Application Administrators.
  • Verify user access and permissions. Make necessary adjustments to align with the new security policies before the release date of April 25th.

Regarding how to manage application users and access permissions, Please refer this article: Application users and access permissions | Yeeflow Help Center

We understand that these changes may require adjustments in your current administrative settings. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to enhancing the security and functionality of our platform. Should you have any questions or need assistance with the transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for your attention to this important update. We look forward to making Yeeflow a more secure and efficient platform for all our users.

Best regards,
The Yeeflow Team