The time zone for system

Hello, here is a question for the time zone problem.

We surely can edit our time zone for both personal or organization.

However, it seems that time of system may not follow these settings.
For example, the ’ submersion time’ based on UST+0 but the time zone set in neither personal or organization .

Also an advice : in notification ,there lacks of am/pm, maybe we need it?


Yes, you are correct that the date time is stored in UTC. The timezone converting is a known issue in notification. We are working on this.

And for am/pm, I will pass this request to our product team, thanks for the advice.

Thank you for your response.
Here is another small issue in notification.

I activated the email notification in a workflow and the input some text, these contents will be showed in notification as well.

The link here I set is

<input type=“button” data="${“type”:“task”, “prop”:“TaskURL”}" expr="__" tabindex="-1" value=“当前任务上下文:URL”>

I think this is default one.

When our staff click the hyperlink through notification, they will redirect to the target page without a new browser tag.

Then, they tried to press the [return] button circled in red to return to the homepage, but it make them redirect to the form page again immediately.

Here is the url for both [form page] and the [redirect page](the url of the [return]&[View more details] button.

form page:

redirect page:…

They will firstly access the redirect page then immediately redirect to the form page, that make their [return] button lose their effect.

I don’t know the redirect theory well, if redirect page is necessary ? or we could set the link directly to the form page.

@john55ww Thanks for the finding. We’ll try using URL’s replace instead of redirect here, if it works it will solve the navigation fallback problem.

Hi frank,
Thank you for checking the time zone issue last time.

Here is another issue.
Here is the time showed in form report, it is right value which obey the true UTC for my region.

However when I use the print features.
It will print out a pdf which the time zone is UTC+0.

↑I have temporarily add +9 hours by action to solve this problem. If yeeflow are going to fix this issue, please notice me, I need to change this action in the same time. Or it will influence the business ongoing again.

Also the notification issues are not updated.

The data time value saved in server side is UTC+0. When displaying, it will converted to the time based on current user’s time zone. For your variable in print page, what’s the type of it, date or calculation?

@frank I tried date and text.
Here I make a test operated for [date] type just few minutes ago.

This is the time showed in form(submitted) , which is converted to the current time zone.
This is the time showed in print preview (the page when I press the print button), which not converted.

And if I get the text from date directly, I will get a unconverted value.(I think this one is not a bug but may make user confuse without explanation)

I believe the unconverted date displayed in print page is a bug. I will report this to product team and have this fixed ASAP.

Thank you for your support!
Please notice me before the bug fixed,
because some business processing now are automatically add +9 to solve this bug.
I need to restore them then.

If possible, please have a look at my another post, reporting the bug for 格納日.
I stop the phenomenon by other way but the reason for this bug still unknown.

Is the field you used in print form a date type of variable? If so, the value will be converted to current user’s timezone. If you have to use calculation, you can bind your calculation control to a date type of variable.

@frank Thank you for your response.
I made another date variable that add +9 hour and loading this new variable to the print form. So, after the bug fixed, I will let it loading the real variable again.