API Query filters not working on Data List's Attachment field

On a Post API call Query list items , I try to get datalist info with API. The API body details below:

  "Filters": [
      "Field": "Text2",
      "Value": "",
      "Type": 6,

It work fine, but if I try to filter my attachment field (Text3), it always returns the below API response no matter what “Type” I use:

    "Data": null,
    "Status": 540014,
    "Message": "[\"Text3\"]",
    "TotalCount": null

Below is my data list field FYR:

Please let me know if I did anything incorrect with this API call.

Thank you.

Hi Sam,

Currently Attachment doesn’t allow search. We will allow Null/Not Null filter for this kind of field later. Sorry for the inconvenience brings.


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