Modal Popup of Sublist Lookup field

Hi Yeeflow,

Would like to know if there any way to config the popup modal and corresponding column width to help displaying more detail by default?

Thank you.

May I know what popup modal you are referring? For lookup field, you can pick and order columns of source list in Additional Fields setting.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, i am referring to the Lookup field.
And i can only update the ordering of the column via the additional fields settings.
if there any flexibility to config the column width too?
The width is too short in fact for display choice detail for the selection.
Thank you very much.

Got it. User can use mouse dragging to change the column width on the end edge of each column header.


Therefore, it seems there is no way to set a DEFAULT width per column. And the modal windows width is fixed width too.
As users feel it may not friendly enough, see if there any chance to improve the user experience by making it configurable.
thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will report this to our product team.