Missed a lot the number of field types in designer?

Is it supposed not to be able to Edit in designer the forms that are not started from a template? I am driving on the trial version and have started an initial application from scratch. When trying to edit the form, it is not possible to edit from the designer- the option is not available on the top left of the screen, which reduces a lot the number of field types available on the left menu and does not trigger different tabs - form / workflow. Is there a reason for that? I was expecting to have the same behavior, while using templates or starting from scratch - might be doing something wrong on my side.


@Suet_Hung Yeeflow has two ways to manage your application.

Option 1: If you want to create an Approval from as template did, you need click the “+” and pop-up a window, then you can choose the component to process.
After your selection of Approval form, you will be the page of form designer that contains Forms and Workflow.

Option 2: If you would like to manage a data list only. A data list form is what you mentioned. In that form designer you will not see the workflow as it’s only a form to manage data. You need click “+Add a new field” and then you will the field type in dropdown list. After your completion of each field, you will see the these fields under “Custom fields” at the left menu.

I hope it would be helpful on your working. Many thanks.