Launched: The "News" data view and block on dashboard

Hello everyone! We recently launched an exciting new data view and block called “News”:

With the News view and block, you can display your data with variety of news related layouts. Configure to use the News view to display your company news, announcements, articles and knowledge etc. Here is how it looks like:

This is how to use the News block on one of your dashboard.

This is how to use the News data view on your data lists.

Configure the customized layouts and styles as you need.

To Add the “News” block, go to one of your dashboard page, switch to the edit model, and click the “+ Add a block” button on the top-right. In the pop-up window, select “News”:

To use the “News” view, go to one of your data list, and click “Add new view”:

Select “News view” from the pop-up window:

You can try this new feature, and share your feedback with comments in this post!

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