How to release the storage of deleted image?

Let’s say a customer had uploaded an incorrect photo mistakenly to the Data List and he/she deleted it immediately. However, the use of storage in Yeeflow has not being released.

In more specific, please imagine that the assigned storage now is 20.00GB of 400.00GB used, after upload a 10MB photo to a Data List, the use of storage becomes 20.01GB, and then delete the photo, even delete the Data List record as well. Finally, we look at the use of storage, it’s 20.01GB still.

Since the photo is meaningless and already deleted, is there any way to release the storage? Or will the storage be released automatically while Yeeflow recognize the image is not related with anything (e.g. Data List, Forms, etc) in Yeeflow anymore?

Thank you.

If an uploaded file is not referenced, it will be removed by a job. So the storage will not be released immediately after deletion. Please have a check later. If you still have the storage issue, please let me know.

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