Released: PUBLIC FORM - collect customer feedback, marketing events registration and more

Yes! it’s coming. If you need online forms for generating leads, distributing surveys, collecting feedback and more, you will love this new feature - public form.

You can find this new function in any of the data list you’ve created:

You can create one or multiple public forms for each data list, and collect data from any users with a shared link, without the login required:

Public form can be accessed via the shared link, or by scanning the QR code. You can set the password protection, and expire date etc:

As an example, if you have a customer support team, you can create a tickets list, and create a public form to allow users to submit tickets from online. Here is a sample screenshot:

The public form feature is now free for All existing customers with total 100 submissions. So please feel free to have a try, and we’d like to hear your feedback!!!

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