How to SUM the datalist?

Some of us may have a massive records in one datalist.
And we may try to extract some of the information from these datalist.

For example, I have 10 tasks for business A, and 4 of them are won.
I want to get the number “10” and “4” here.

The usual method is using a Chart.

By Chart

I tried to make a chart including sub-category through a custom page but it seems hard to show the number of records set as “won”. (solution: I need to set a additional number fields(return 0 and 1 by condition) to count the “4” by “SUM”.)

The chart in custom page won’t provide any data.
To get the counted “number”, they should be stocked in another datalist.

By Another Datalist

I create another datalist B. And a workflow in formal datalist(A) (triggered by both new or edit),
and ±1 the datalist B when the specific fields of datalist A changed, to accomplish the counting feature.
However, it will not triggered when record is deleted. So this method only support the datalist without delete.
Also, the workflow takes few seconds but user may need these reaction in shorter interval.

Neither of these method is perfect, is there any easier method in low-code?

Currently, there’s no easy way to get grouped count of one list and save to another list. We planed to provide more aggregate features to data list but it will not be ready very soon.

An idea is you have a workflow when an item created that add count to another list …

@frank Thank you for your suggestion.
I do the same thing, but also I need to tell the user not deleting the records because deletion do not trigger the workflow lol.

Great! We often find that users are more creative with the system than we are with ourselves. BTW, you can try advanced permission of the list to avoid the deletion.