YeeFlow Mobile App not found from Android App Store

Would like to know is yeeflow mobile app is take-off from android app store? I can’t search it from app store.

@khh Thanks for your feedback. We are currently doing some updates about the Andriod app per the request of the new Google policy. We will re-publish the new version soon.

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Hi @Renger,
if there any update on the mobile app for android?
i still cannot find Yeeflow from the apps store for a month already.

@khh We are still working on the update version, which should be available within 2-3 weeks. I will keep you posted. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hi @Renger,
Any update?
We still cannot find Yeeflow app from app store.

Hi @khh, we’ve submit the new mobile app to the Andriod app store, and waiting for the verification from Google team, which might spent couple days.

@khh The new version of Yeeflow mobile app has been published to Google play app store. Please check and play around!

thank you very much @Renger