Open api error code

Usually, errors may occur when using Yeeflow Open Api. Below are some commonly used error codes for troubleshooting.

"Data": null,
"Status": 540014,
"Message": ["Text43"],
"TotalCount": null

The error 540014 above indicates that “Text43” of the fields in the passed in parameters cannot be used for searching. If there are other error codes, it is recommended to refer to the error codes.

Code Description
0 Sucess
1 ServerError
2 Not Found
4 Invalid Request,Usually it’s a parameter passing error
101 Access token format error
102 Access token invalidate
103 Access token expired
104 Access token not enough quota
10000 Account not exists
10002 Tenant is initializing
10005 SMS code error
10007 Email link url expire
10011 Graphic verification code input error
10012 Graphic verification code expire
10017 Account disabled
530108 Company user not enough quota
99 Tenant expired
100 Tenant not exist
401 Access denied
401 Invalid token
500002 Not excel file
540001 Failed to add data to the content list
540002 Failed to edit data to the content list
540003 Edit list definition failed
540009 Unable to find corresponding content list
540010 The modified list data is inconsistent with the backend data version
540011 Illegal parameters
540012 The incoming data is empty
540013 The same unique value already exists
540014 Fields cannot be used for searching, usually rich text, multi line text, attachments, etc
540015 Insufficient permissions for operation
540016 The unique value field cannot be empty
540017 A list with the same name already exists
540018 Required fields cannot be empty
540019 The same field name already exists
540020 The fields used for search have exceeded the limit
540021 The field with a unique value has exceeded the upper limit