Maybe a bug for 'Define unique variable'

Hi, I’m trying to delete a unique variable in a form designer.
However, when I click the ‘delete’ button → OK → release.
It shown that the unique variable still not deleted.

An interesting thing is that, if I click the ‘delete’ button → Cancel → release.
Then the unique variable was deleted.
Already confirmed this phenomenon in another form designer.

I think maybe there is something wrong with this two button in this picture.

Another question here.

The reason why I tried to delete the unique variable is that I found that a ‘null’ value also counted as a unique value. So when I keep leaving the unique variable empty in my form.
The second time I submit the form, it warned me the unique variable can not be repeated.
I wonder if the ‘null’ value do be counted as a value.

In addition, I was making a approval form for updating the existing data. I think it means that I can not do such approval form if a unique variable is included.


Thanks for reporting this. It’s a bug for sure. We will fix it next release.

For your second question, Yes ‘null’ is counted as a unique value. In current design, you have to force user to provide a value for the variable. I will submit your concern to product team. I will update here if there’s any other thoughts for this feature from product team.

Thank you very much for your response.
I will also find another way to accomplish that feature