How to resubmit the form after it was rejected

Hi all, I am new in YeeFlow.

As the title stated above. For example, a creator submit a form, then a admin rejected. How to design the workflow for resubmit the form without fill-in all information again?

Or is there any workaround to handle this situation?

Thank you all.

Hi Steve,

Applicant can navigate to My Requests and then open the rejected form to re-submit.


Another way that I use: In order to handle scenarios where users need to submit a form such as a weekly report, one approach is to create an assignment task named “Correct Submission”. This task can be assigned to users when their initial form submission gets rejected. The task enables users to correct their submission and resubmit it for review.

By using this approach, the system ensures that rejected forms are not lost or forgotten, and users have a clear path to correct their mistakes. Additionally, if a user’s submission is approved on the first attempt, no task is assigned, and the form proceeds to the next step. In case the user’s submission is rejected, they are notified of the rejection and are automatically assigned the “Correct Submission” task to facilitate prompt correction of errors. Ultimately, this approach promotes a streamlined and efficient form submission process.